Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Time is Precious I Know...

That's right. Culture Club.

I need more time. Am I the only one? Surely not. There's just too much I want (and often need) to do to fit in 24 hours or even one piddly lifetime:

  1. Family time
  2. Family devotions
  3. Mountain biking
  4. Trail running
  5. Motorcycle/Classic car restoration
  6. Creating art
  7. So much reading (nearly 200 books on my to-read list)
  8. Woodworking
  9. Learning (art, martial arts, languages, etc)
How do I prioritize when it's clear there are things I'll likely never do? It's one thing to put something like Trail Running over Woodworking and say I'll do this first and the other second. That works if I have 90 minutes and I know I need 45 for each. Easy enough. But what if I only have 45 minutes? Then I'm really saying I'll do this instead of this.

If I try to fit everything in, it seems like I end up doing nothing all that well. I'm well rounded but mediocre. No focus. Also, I'm very tired.

I started this post about the time I took my break from publishing posts nearly 2 years ago.  It's sad to see how little has changed on my list in that time.

In the words of the bard: Time won't give me time.

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NerdGirl said...

Trying to figure out what to do when you have free time is certainly a struggle. Sometimes I find myself so paralyzed by trying to decide what to do that I use all of my free time trying to make the decision. I can't imagine how much harder it is to make time & juggle interests when you have family commitments to factor in as well. Would it help at all to make your hobbies seasonal? Then you wouldn't have guilt for not woodworking in the spring because that is a fall activity...spring is for awesome automotive pursuits. I don't know if that would help at all but I do know if you find a solution to that problem, millions of adults would throw money at you for the answer!