Thursday, November 19, 2009


The adults are officially outnumbered in our house now. I was very blessed to have been able to spend the last two weeks home from work with the expanding family. It was terrific. Here’s the rundown on the last two weeks:

  • The induction started at around 7:30am on 11/5/2009. By 12:30pm, we had a baby girl. It was fast and Denisa rocked. I am again reminded of my wife’s awesomeness.
  • Our little Norah is beautiful. She’s sleeping and eating well. She has a couple of very loving older brothers.
  • The hospital stay was calm and uneventful. We had great visitors. Due to the whole flu scare, kids under 15 weren’t allowed as visitors so, sadly, Jesse and Jonah couldn’t come see us. On the other hand, that meant the hospital was a lot quieter than when we’ve been there before. Previously, there were kids running up and down the hallway.
  • Visited with a lot of friends/family.
  • A lot of people have been bringing us food. A LOT. Friends from our current Life Group, our old Life Group, MOPS, parents, and the play group. Seriously, it’s been amazing and we are truly grateful (and full).
  • I had guy’s morning out and took the boys to Half Price Books and the hobby shop. We played with the hobby shop’s train tables, checked out their train sets, stared at the RC planes hanging from the ceiling, and seriously trashed a couple planes with the RC plane video game/simulator.
  • The whole family went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Brave. Good times.
  • Had the first guys meeting from our new Life Group.
  • Had a bunch of siding re-done.
  • Read some P.G. Wodehouse and a couple Graphic Novels.
  • Finished writing a children’s story.
  • Did a little woodworking.
  • Didn’t really sleep all that much.

I’ll get pictures posted shortly.

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